i sit on stage and with a shaky voice i sang my song and i saw her tearing up in the crowd, and so i played another. its nights like these where i am so happy and know that i will hold these memories close to me forever. the moon was gold and poked over the mountain in the valley where i sat on a bench with him and with her and we kissed and we hugged and we loved one another.

Donald Weid

It was the first afternoon that the sunset’s glow looked a certain way that means summer is almost here. We walked out of Royal Gorge Brewery and onto Main St. Canon City Colorado. This man ran out of another building : “Would you like me to take a picture of you two?”
That is how it started. Then I learned about mr Donny Wied.
He is from Wisconsen, served the country for 17 years, is pro rodio, moved to canon city a long time ago. He walked us around introducing us ti Angel, the bar tender with meth teeth
Paul, his best friend in the world,
and neil, his best friend in the world.
He makes 400 K a year, and lives down on the corner, two blocks over.
He was married at one point and gave his x wife a few million dollars.

the cords that connect us tangle with the vines crawling up the side of my house interlacing with a river sheltered in plastic and i see below there are tulips blossoming, or maybe theyre dafodils. i share a morning chat with an old soul, at the table by the fireplace.


My ridiculously talented best friend has released a live session of her song Rock Bottom, and of course it’s beyond beautiful. (Seriously, Em, I have goosebumps every time I listen to it)

Emily Vaughn - Rock Bottom

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yes of course!


Thank you! I hope you’ve been well (=

you too jocelyn! i’m back in colorado actually, are you still in durango?

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in the nude, drops of water race eachother down my spine from the tounges of medusa’s serpents
i look up and it strains the muscles in my neck, but it echos so nice when i sing softly

a boy i loved once on a train through a city with a hand in mine we smiled and sang
he flies across the squares of kansas tomorrow and lands here in this city

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